Johanna Westerberg

torsdag, september 13, 2007

My Hat

Since I have had several questions about my grey hat, I thought I'd better answer!

It's not the biggest secret in the world since I got it at H&M last year for about 5 euros... :-) But I love it even though my mom thinks it ugly :-)



  • Suites you,Keeps you dry/warm and also a few top ten finishes!


    By Anonymous Anonym, at 9:24 fm, september 18, 2007  

  • Haha.. Klart du ska ha mössan/kepsen... Den passar dig och är fin.. Skit samma att du köpt den på H&M... Den e DU sötis.. :) Keep going girl!!! Jocke /pimmen

    By Anonymous pimmen, at 8:27 em, september 22, 2007  

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